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| be Waste Wise | March 23, 2023

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Solving the Global Waste Management Challenge

The global waste management world and those working in it are a small group. Everyone appears to know everyone else. Further, most are associated with some sort of “agenda” or have a “tag” of sorts. There are “composters”, bio guys, landfillers, waste to energy guys, anti-waste to energy guys, recyclers/zero-wasters, social mitigators, etc. Further, it is relatively rare when those from different specialties reach out across the table and attempt to work with counterparts with different specialties.

As solid waste is one of the most complex and heterogeneous entities known to man, it stands to reason that a “one size fits all” solution is likely not practical. However, in some instances, we can see attitudes bordering on animosity when suggesting those with differing technology agendas consider working together. This is why our panelists will discuss various questions which help us understand how the we can work together to solve the global waste management challenge. This is also the reason why, your inputs are very important. Watch and interact with our panelists on 21st August.



Working together to Solve the Global Waste Management Challenge


  1. Global waste management can’t be solved, in the way it is currently framed, as a question of how to dispose of waste. However it can be solved when framed more broadly as a question of how to structure the economy to prevent rather than create and dump waste in the air, water and land. I’d be grateful if your experts would respond to the broader question.

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