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| be Waste Wise | December 3, 2022

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Jill Boughton

Jill Boughton

Jill Boughton is the President and CEO of W2Worth Innovations. She was also the President and CEO of Sustainable WasteResources International (SWRI), before which, she led a corporate-wide effort called “Waste-to-Worth” at Procter and Gamble’s global product development team emphasizing on disruptive and transformational innovation. She is some times referred to as the “Queen of Waste”.


March 18, 2015 from our Articles, The 2013 Global Dialogue on Waste “Waste is not waste,” spouts Dr. Mike Biddle, Founder of MBA Polymers, “and the first problem is to stop calling it waste; these are resources.” A "one-fits-all" approach to waste management is not practical. This panel looks at different approaches and how they work around the world. Read More

August 15, 2013 from our The 2013 Global Dialogue on Waste, Video Panels There are “composters”, bio guys, landfillers, waste to energy guys, anti-waste to energy guys, recyclers/zero-wasters, social mitigators, etc. As solid waste is one of the most complex and heterogeneous entities known to man, it stands to reason that a “one size fits all” solution is likely not practical. However, in some instances, we can see attitudes bordering on animosity when suggesting those with differing technology agendas consider working together. This is why our panelists will discuss various questions which help us understand how the we can work together to solve the global waste management challenge.Read More