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| be Waste Wise | December 8, 2022

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Perinaz Bhada-Tata

Perinaz Bhada-Tata

Perinaz Bhada-Tata is the Co-author of World Bank’s What a Waste – A Global Review of Solid Waste Management and the Editor of another World Bank publication Cities and Climate Change: Responding to an Urgent Agenda. Perinaz works as a Solid Waste Management Consultant at the World Bank and is a Research Associate at Columbia University’s Earth Engineering Center.


May 30, 2014 from our Archive, The 2014 Global Dialogue on Waste An “either/or” scenario between energy from waste and landfilling is rare. They must co-exist in an integrated system - Dan Hoornweg; Perinaz Bhada-Tata.Read More

August 8, 2013 from our The 2013 Global Dialogue on Waste, Video Panels

A recent World Bank report on waste management and climate change co-authored by our moderator Perinaz Bhada-Tata estimates that current waste management methods, specifically emissions from landfill, account for almost five per cent of total global greenhouse gas emissions and ... Read More