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| be Waste Wise | December 5, 2022

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Tom Szaky

Tom Szaky

Tom Szaky is the CEO and Founder of TerraCycle, which is an international upcycling and recycling company that collects difficult-to-recycle packaging and products and repurposes the material into affordable, innovative products. In 2006, Tom was named “#1 CEO Under 30″ by Inc. magazine. Terracycle works with more than 100 major brands in the U.S. and 22 countries overseas to collect used packaging and products that would otherwise be destined for landfills.


March 11, 2015 from our Articles, The 2013 Global Dialogue on Waste

There is no such thing as an infinitely durable product. The world’s current consumption, in the form of various goods, must end up in the waste stream and the onus is upon us, either to innovate in the field of ... Read More

June 22, 2013 from our The 2013 Global Dialogue on Waste, Video Panels

Priti Ambani (Managing Editor of Ecopreneurist) talked to the Founder of TerraCycle (Tom Szaky) and Co-Founder of Wecyclers (Bilikiss Adebiyi) about Entrepreneurship in solid waste management. Watch the video for tips for start-ups in waste management.



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