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| be Waste Wise | June 25, 2022

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Adam Read

Adam Read


Director of External Affairs at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery

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Adam Read is the Director of External Affairs at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery. Adam has specialized in waste management policy development, strategic decision-making, behaviour change, procurement and training for the last 19 years, first as a municipal waste management officer, then as a University based researcher, and for the last 12 years as a consultant working globally on waste services and strategies.

Adam has a PhD in waste management decision-making from Kingston University, has an honours degree in Geography from Exeter University, and was awarded an honorary professorship from Northampton University in 2002 for his contribution to waste management research and communications.

Adam has worked with the waste and water sectors on technology options, feedstock assessments, and end market supplies, including market reviews of macerator technologies.

Adam has spoken widely at practical waste management conferences across the globe, including recent high profile events in Dubai, Washington, Sardinia, Cape Town and Sydney. He has also given key note addresses at ISWA, AWMA and Australia’s Zero Waste Conferences. He has authored over 300 articles, 50 in peer review journals, and has delivered in excess of 150 conference presentations in the last decade.


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