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| be Waste Wise | December 3, 2022

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Ask Ad Lansink, inventor of #LansinkLadder, about waste management

Ask Ad Lansink, inventor of #LansinkLadder, about waste management
A photo of Ad Lansink, inventor of the Lansink Ladder, the waste management hierarchy widely used today that directs how governments shape the policy of their waste management.

A photo of young Ad Lansink, inventor of the #LansinkLadder. | Courtesy of Wikimedia Creative Commons

Do you have any questions about waste management, policy, philosophy, possible solutions, and everything in between? Ask Ad Lansink; leave your questions below or use #LansinkLadder on social media. Ad Lansink may have the answers.

Ad Lansink, a Dutch biochemist, politician, and environmentalist – among other interests – invented the waste management hierarchy we’re all familiar with today. So prevalent is Ad Lansink’s waste management hierarchy that many may even take for granted the fact that someone had to invent it.

Waste Management Hierarchy according to Ad Lansink:






With an influx of possible solutions to the global waste problem thanks to new technologies, from zero waste to zero landfills to waste-to-energy recovery, it is easy to overlook the simple framework Lansink put forth in his policy once upon a time.

In truth, many of the advancements in today’s waste management solutions are possible due to Ad Lansink’s paving the way with an accessible, efficient, and consolidated framework for waste management.

Whatever policy and stance you advocate for, whatever challenges you see with society’s waste management, whatever your role is in waste management – a recycling business, an expert consultant, an environmentalist in an NGO – you probably have questions. Ad Lansink may have the answers.

Submit your questions on waste management to Ad Lansink by leaving a comment here or tag your questions #LansinkLadder on your favorite social media. We’ll send them all to Mr. Lansink. Stay tuned for the article!



  1. Maritza Vargas

    Hello Al Lansink, Do you know where I can gather information about Waste to Energy plants already installed in the Middle East region? I’ve found online many good prospects of projects in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, saudi, Qatar, but when I try to follow them up it seems they are not yet developed. I want to contact the plants to know what challenges do they face in the region, what lessons they have learned and how we can improve waste management in the area.
    Thank you very much,
    Eng Maritza vargas
    MSc Sustainable Development
    PgD Environmental Economics

  2. Hello, dear Maritza,

    Thanks for writing. I am afraid there is no single resource which can keep you updated about waste-to-energy projects around the world.

    I can recommend you to follow Waste Management World magazine for such information. They are the best resource at this point to stay updated about projects worldwide.

    This might not be a new suggestion, but to know more information about the projects, I suggest you approach them through their websites or find them on LinkedIn.

    All the best with your work,

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