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| be Waste Wise | April 23, 2018

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James Greyson

James Greyson, Social Media Waste Solution InfluencerJAMES GREYSON

Head of BlindSpot Think Tank

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“Circular economy is the ‘swiss army knife’ of any possible sustainable future. With this, economic growth derives from activities that enable future economic growth, using resources in cycles without the accumulation of wastes that drives resource loss, climate change and toxic pollution. Without this, economic growth will continue to be self-defeating and the multitude of ecological and economic problems can only worsen. The subsequent systemic collapse can and must be avoided.”

James Greyson is Founder and Head of BlindSpot Think Tank. With over 20 years  as a sustainability and security professional, James advances global system change to address otherwise intractable problems. James is a Research Fellow at Earth System Governance and Associate at MIT’s Climate CoLab.  He advises Katerva’s Impact Panel, the Resource Revolution Steering Group, Worthwild Crowdfunding platform and the International Biochar Initiative.

Connect with James on Linkedin and twitter @blindspotting & @climate_rescue.


Interview With James Greyson , BlindSpot Think Tank
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