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| be Waste Wise | October 2, 2023

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Victoria Hutchin

Victoria Hutchin is a Chartered Waste Manager with 9 years’ experience in waste management.  Victoria has worked for both the public and private sectors, as a local authority officer and as Waste and Resource Manager for a waste collection and processing contractor.  Her experience to date covers a wide range of environmental services including materials processing, refuse and recycling collection and street cleansing.  Victoria has undertaken a number of recent projects for the private and public sectors assessing the relative merits of co-mingled and source-separated collection systems, and their compliance with the requirement to separately collect materials (wherever necessary and technically, economically and environmentally practicable) under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations.


Source Separation
August 29, 2015 from our Blog

Waste management consultant, Victoria Hutchin of Ricardo-AEA, considers what the key drivers are for the choice of collection systems in the UK.

Unfortunately, in the UK it is no longer simply a case of implementing the option which is easiest ... Read More

August 23, 2015 from our The 2015 Global Dialogue on Waste, Video Panels Watch Bradley Kelley (GBB Inc.), Prof. Brajesh Dubey (IIT-Kharagpur) and Victoria Hutchin (Ricardo-AEA) discuss source segregation vs commingled recycling as part of the 2015 Global Dialogue on Waste.Read More

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