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| be Waste Wise | August 17, 2017

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Philip Heylen

Philip Heylen

Philip Heylen


Vice Mayor, Antwerp's Culture, Economy & City Maintenance

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Philip Heylen is the Vice Mayor of Antwerp city’s Culture, Economy, City Maintenance and Property and an Advisor to be Waste Wise. He has participated as a key note speaker in Belgium and abroad on topics like culture, economy, sustainable development, waste and materials policy, cities and energy.

He was also the Chairman of the ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) 2015 World Congress in Antwerp, Belgium and a UN Envoy for Lebanon in October 2015, United Nations fact finding mission for the waste management crisis, with Mr. Surendra Shrestha, Director United Nations Environment Programme.

To encourage innovation, Philip Heylen acts as a a bridge builder, inspirer and coach. He is an enthusiastic, creative and loyal driving force and communicator and five-time marathon runner for charity.


Philip Heylen is an Advisor to be Waste Wise.

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