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| be Waste Wise | October 7, 2022

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Pete Shaw

Pete Shaw

Peter Shaw University of Southampton


Senior Lecturer, University of Southampton

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Dr. Pete Shaw is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton. His research focuses on two main areas, aquatic environmental sciences and waste management. In aquatic environments, his research concerns the influences of anthropogenic processes and actions on the quality and composition of habitat and organisms, with focus on rivers, estuaries and near-shore coastal waters in the UK. His work also includes studying the impacts of human activity on rivers, particularly physical factors (channel form, riparian habitat, discharge) and the rehabilitation and management of rivers. This work is largely conducted with external partners (Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, Salmon & Trout Association, Wild Trout Trust, Bourne Rivulet Initiative, and Upper Itchen Group).

Dr. Shaw’s research interests in waste management orient around the necessity to engage individuals in waste reduction, reuse and recycling as a means to achieve desired reductions in residual waste. This work aims to determine how and why householders’ perceptions and beliefs lead to their recycling behaviours, using diagnostic and prognostic approach that combine attitudinal surveys with novel applications of quantitative analysis to understand recycling behaviour.

Dr. Shaw is also a member of the UK’s Committee of Heads of Environmental Sciences (CHES) National Executive, a Council member of the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES), and a Council member of the Freshwater Biological Association.


September 29, 2016 from our The 2016 Global Dialogue On Waste, Video Panels Watch Prof. Margaret Bates of University of Northampton and Dr. Pete Shaw from University of Southampton discuss the Future of Waste Collection Systems worldwide. This panel was organized under the "Future of Waste" theme curated by Prof. Margaret Bates as part of the 2016 Global Dialogue on Waste organized by be Waste Wise.Read More

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