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| be Waste Wise | December 5, 2022

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Creating change through knowledge | An year in one post

Creating change through knowledge | An year in one post

If you’d like to invest in the future of our planet, by sponsoring our work or by contributing your time, please write to

Collective action means not waiting for heroes. Collective action is many people worldwide — at different stages of their personal and professional lives — leading change at different scales. Collective action is the only way to solve global challenges like waste. Improving waste management contributes significantly to providing a future with enough opportunities and resources for every person.

But, just like a seed requires fertile soil and water to germinate, nurturing collective action requires high-quality knowledge and an engaged global community, which actively shares solutions with each other.

be Waste Wise spends thousands of hours every year to create and nurture change. Most start-ups fail within three years. We are a non-profit startup, which is trickier, but here we are, in our fourth year.

Results from 2016 show that we’re moving towards the goal of an engaged global community faster. In 2016, we also started providing knowledge dissemination services. We made high-quality capacity building affordable by saving 65% of costs in a project funded by the European Union. Towards the end of last year, a student told us that be Waste Wise gives him access to diverse perspectives, easily. A scientist told us that our work helped his group reorient their research and provides new ideas. be Waste Wise‘s model of knowledge dissemination has a great potential to impact the world. The results show that we have just started scratching the surface.

We hope to continue our work. Please continue your support. Or even better, take charge and lead change. If you’d like to invest in the future of our planet, by sponsoring our work or by contributing your time, please write to

Wishing a peaceful and prosperous new year to everyone,
Ranjith Annepu



Investment in our collective future:
  • Thousands of woman and man hours
  • Forty-three experts from around the world contributed to be Waste Wise.

Cumulative hours of education provided through be Waste Wise since 2013.

  • Engagement on Facebook increased by 180% and the number of engaged users increased from 2,500 to 9,300, a 280% increase. Facebook followers increased by 110%.
  • We provided 1,000 hours of waste education in one year, which is 20% faster than in 2015. Observe the curve getting steeper in the adjacent figure.
  • Engagement on Twitter increased by 30%, and people following us on Twitter increased by 50%.
  • Time spent by people on our website and YouTube channel increased by 22%.
Notable Achievements:
  • be Waste Wise is the only platform through which 120 experts from 19 countries have shared their experiences, knowledge, and solutions in a conversational style, connecting on a personal level. The videos and articles are easily understandable and accessible.
  • We reduced at least 65% of costs for capacity building in a European Union funded project.
  • Since 2013, we provided 3,000+ hours of waste education from some of the best in waste.

I want to thank all the panelists who participated in our video discussions and twitter chats, authors, and our sponsors. I also want to thank Prof. Nickolas Themelis, Dianna Cohen, Prof. Margaret Bates, Mike Webster, Andy Whiteman, and Swetha D for their commitment and support.

Contact us with suggestions for topics you’d like to be discussed or experts you’d like to hear from. To get in touch, simply tweet to us @bewastewise, write an email to or message us on!

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