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| be Waste Wise | January 21, 2022

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2017 be Waste Wise Pioneers List – Individuals


Methodology by Eric Metelka

Data Analysis by Ranjith Annepu

Authored by Swetha D and Ranjith Annepu


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We are proud to announce the 2017 be Waste Wise Pioneers List which recognizes the 30 individuals that are effectively sharing solutions to waste management and stories about their work. Last week, we published the list of 30 organizations which are part of the be Waste Wise Pioneers List. We analyzed 900 social media accounts to find this year’s Pioneers, an increase from 750 in 2016. In its earlier versions, this was called the Waste Influencers List

We believe change and leadership can arise from every part of the society. Communication is a key aspect in fostering and facilitating such change and leadership. We are publishing this list to encourage an ongoing dialogue and enhance opportunities for collaboration.

To find these influencers and others who connect the world to great ideas and solutions, check our Twitter list with the name —Waste Influencers— which is updated constantly. If you think we are missing some, please tweet at us with their handle.

Remember to follow these influencers or subscribe to the Twitter List to see what they’re sharing about waste.


Individuals are ordered alphabetically.

Adam Minter

Adam Minter is a columnist for Bloomberg View based in Kuala Lumpur, and the author of Junkyard Planet:Travels in the Billion Dollar Trash Trade.

Follow @AdamMinter

Adam Read

With a PhD in waste policy & 20 years of local authority delivery & consultancy, Adam Read is committed to a zero waste and high diversion future both in the UK and wider afield. He is also a be Waste Wise contributor.

Follow @AdamRead74

Alex Godoy-Faundez is Director of Sustainability Research Centre & Strategic Resource Management at School of Engineering, Universidad del Desarrrollo

Follow @AlexGodoyF_

Benita Matofska, is a global speaker, sharing economy expert and the founder of The People Who Share

Follow @benitamatofska

Beth Terry is the author of Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too Join me in living life with less plastic. She is also a be Waste Wise contributor.

Follow @PlasticfreeBeth

Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola is an ardent advocate of human empowerment, waste management and sustainable development, a board-member of Lagos state Employment Trust fund, the CEO and Co-Founder of Wecyclers.

Follow @bilikiss

Chris Ostereich

Chris Oestereich runs a zero waste consulting firm, Linear to Circular, that helps organizations reduce waste while evolving their operations toward the coming circular economy.

Follow @costrike

Dianna Cohen is an internationally shown visual artist who works with plastic bags as her primary material and the co-founder/CEO of Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Follow @Implicitweet

James Greyson Cropped

James Greyson is the head of BlindSpot Think Tank and designer of the ‘circular economics’ to quickly deploy circular economy worldwide. He is also a be Waste Wise contributor.

Follow @blindspotting

Janez Potočnik

Janez Potočnik is Co-Chair of UN International Resource Panel – IRP and a former EU Commissioner for Environment.

Follow @JanezPotocnik22

Jen Gale is an ethical coach empowering change makers & environmental entrepreneurs to grow their impact and their businesses

Follow @makeandmendlife

Jim Mcclelland

Jim McClelland is a Sustainable Futurist, editor, journalist and speaker, writing and speaking on economics, environment and social equity.

Follow @SustMeme

Jonathan Bloom

Jonathan Bloom is a journalist, speaker, consultant, leftover lover, food waste lamenter. He is also a be Waste Wise contributor.

Follow @WastedFood

Josep Maria Tost is director of waste agency of Catalonia and president of ACR+, an International network promoting sustainable resource management.

Follow @josepmariatost

Julie Lawson is an environmental advocate, also known as trash chick.

Follow @srfrjulie

Karen Cannard

Karen Cannard is a blogger and co-founder of The Rubbish Diet. She is also a be Waste Wise contributor.

Follow @KarenCannard

Kyle Wiens

Kyle Wiens is a right to repair activist, fixing the world’s gizmos one at a time. He is the CEO of iFixit + Dozuki.

Follow @kwiens

Maxine Perella is an environmental journalist and commentator working in the field of corporate sustainability, circular economy and resource efficiency. She is the founder of Go Circular and is also a be Waste Wise contributor.

Follow @greendipped

Mike Pitts is the Head of Urban Systems at Innovate UK, the government’s innovation agency, and helps companies grow who have scalable solutions to infrastructure, cities and sustainability challenges.

Follow @pittso

Mike Tregent has over 30 years of experience in waste and public health, starting off working as a public health technician with a local authority.

Follow @miketregent

Rob Watson is Chief Science Officer of EcoHub Inc. An international leader in market transformation and green buildings, Watson is known as the “Founding Father of LEED.”

Follow @kilrwat

Robert Egger is a 30 year veteran of social enterprise and empowerment, having founded the D.C. Central Kitchen. Campus Kitchens and the L.A. Kitchen.

Follow @robertegger

Roz Savage is an author, speaker and Yale lecturer. She is the first woman to row solo across three oceans, and is also a be Waste Wise contributor.

Follow @rozsavage

Sonaal Bangera is the Co-founder and designer at Kabadiwalla Connect. Kabaddiwalla Connect is a be Waste Wise contributor.

Follow @sonaal

Stacy Malkan is the author of Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry and the Co-founder of safe cosmetics campaign and US Right to Know. She is also a be Waste Wise contributor.

Follow @SafeCosmetics

Steve Lee

Steve Lee Director General of Resources & Waste UK and Industry Advisor to the RWM Event

Follow @steveleeRandW

Temsutula Imsong

Temsutula Imsong is the co-founder of Sakaar Sewa Samiti.

Follow @temsutulaimsong

Tristram Stuart is the founder of the charity Feedback and the social enterprise, Toast Ale Ltd.

Follow @TristramStuart

William McDonough

William McDonough is a designer, advisor, co-author of Cradle to Cradle + The Upcycle.

Follow @billmcdonough

Zoe Morrison is an eco-friendly money saving blogger who is currently developing online courses to help people reduce their kitchen waste.

Follow @EcoThrifty

If you are in this list or on the Twitter list, to find how you did relatively to others, write to us at We’ll be glad to share the data. be Waste Wise is a non-profit organization and our motive is to enhance collaboration and the dialogue on waste solutions. We would love to work with the curious ones among you to explore other ways to use this data to achieve our objectives. You can also tweet to us @bewastewise.

You can check last year’s influencers list, to learn more about the methodology.

Finally, don’t forget to share the list on social media.

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