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| be Waste Wise | February 28, 2021

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2017 be Waste Wise Pioneers – Universities & Media

2017 be Waste Wise Pioneers – Universities & Media

Methodology†by Eric Metelka

Data Analysis by Ranjith Annepu

Authored by Swetha D and Ranjith Annepu


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This year, we are introducing a new category of be Waste Wise Pioneers, which includes universities & media. Earlier, we had published a list of 30 organizations and 30 individuals which are part of the be Waste Wise Pioneers List.We analyzed 900 social media accounts to find this year ís Pioneers, an increase from 750†in 2016. In its earlier versions, this was called the Waste Influencers List.

We believe change and leadership can arise from†every part of the society.†Communication is†a key aspect in fostering and facilitating such change and leadership. We are publishing this list to encourage an ongoing dialogue and enhance opportunities for collaboration.

To find these influencers and others†who connect the world†to great ideas and solutions, check our Twitter list with the name —Waste Influencers— which is updated constantly. If you think we are missing some, please†tweet at us with their handle.

Remember to follow these influencers or subscribe to the Twitter List to see what they’re sharing about waste.


The list is ordered alphabetically.

As NC State integrates sustainability in its operations, academics and research, NCSU improves efficiency and stewardship while also developing leaders and innovations for a more sustainable future.


ASU is a comprehensive public research university, measured not by whom we exclude, but rather by whom we include and how they succeed; advancing research and discovery of public value; and assuming fundamental responsibility for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves.

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Sustainability at Harvard aims to build†a healthier, more sustainable Harvard one tweet at a time.†


The University of Maryland Office of Sustainability supports and advances environmental performance, economic prosperity and social equality through a variety of initiatives. Do check out their Terps Recycle†social media account for details of recycling & waste management at UMD.

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The mission of Sustainability at Princeton is to†cultivate the desire in all of us to lead meaningful lives in service of global human and environmental well-being.

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UBC Sustainability embraces sustainability as a societal conversation about the kind of world we want to live in, informed by an understanding of the ecological, social and economic consequences of our individual and collective actions.

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UCSD Sustainability serves as a hub for all sustainability on campus – working today to ensure tomorrow.

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The Sustainability Office, at University of Toronto, acts as a resource hub for sustainability awareness, services and collaboration on campus, and engages the campus community through a variety†of†programs, social media,†communications, and outreach.

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UWSustainability promotes environmental sustainability by engaging, connecting and informing members of the UW community.

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Circulate is an online location for news and insight†on the circular economy and related subjects, curated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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Connect4Climate is a global community connecting for climate action.

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Ensia is an independent, nonprofit magazine presenting new perspectives on environmental challenges and solutions to a global audience.

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HuffPost Green offers the latest news on energy, environment, animals and more.

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Planet Green offers practical, everyday tips on how to live a greener lifestyle.

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Plastic News is Crain Communications’ international newspaper for the plastics industry

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Sustainable Brands brings news, views, events and community surrounding the field of Sustainable Brand building.

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The Guardian’s Sustainable Business is a global voice for cutting edge sustainability comment, debate and expert insight

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Triple Pundit is a globally-read online publication on CSR, social entrepreneurship, green jobs, and the triple bottom line in sustainable business.

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Waste Dive covers news about waste management, landfill operations, trash collections + disposal, sustainability, zero waste.

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If†you are in this list or on the Twitter list,†to find how you did relatively to others, write to us at We’ll be glad to share the data. be Waste Wise is a non-profit organization and our motive is to enhance collaboration and the dialogue on waste solutions. We would love to work with the curious ones among you to explore other ways to use this data to†achieve our objectives. You can also tweet to us @bewastewise.

You can check last year’s influencers list, to learn more about the methodology.

Finally, don’t forget to share the list on social media.

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The 2017 be Waste Wise Pioneers (Universities & Media) list is out. Check it out!

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