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| be Waste Wise | October 5, 2022

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Selby Wilkinson

Selby Wilkinson

Selby Wilkinson


Student, University of British Columbia

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Selby Wilkinson is a BA of Media Studies student at the University of British Columbia with a particular interest in bridging the gap between media and sustainability. She has created a print series titled ‘Plastic Perfect’ consisting of a three piece print collage media project surrounding the topic of plastic waste in the ocean. She continues working on pieces following this topic including a recent photo series which focuses on city river waste.

When not in full time school, Selby works as a Supervisor at Catching The Spirit Youth Society, a program based on leadership, stewardship and environmental education for youths. She enjoys sharing her learnings and inspiring youths to become the strong, creative and responsible leaders of our future. She also volunteers with Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society as a research assistant in public outreach and media content development.


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