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| be Waste Wise | September 22, 2021

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Emma Burlow

Emma Burlow, Resource Futures (1)

Emma Burlow


Founder, Lighthouse Sustainability.

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Emma Burlow is the founder of Lighthouse Sustainability. She is one of the UK’s leading specialists on circular economy and sustainability in businesses. She has worked with business on sustainability for 25 years. She has an excellent overview of how to manage large scale projects, alongside the detail of what drives individual businesses and ultimately, sustainability outcomes. This experience gives Emma a unique depth of understanding of the critical success factors for implementing more circular business models, particularly the importance of understanding the financial model, establishing key partnerships and understanding the marketplace. She works with established businesses to help them find a pragmatic, solid pathway through sustainability, carbon and circularity, supports start-ups to disrupt conventional industries and delivers bespoke training.

In 2020, Emma started her #CE100 series to profile businesses working in the circular economy. Her network continues to grow, and she uses this to catalyse the rapid change we need to meet future sustainability challenges. Emma was the Head of Circular Economic at Resource Futures from 2016-2020. She grew the business’s CE capacity to a successful team across England and Scotland working with clients such as Waitrose, Central England Co-op Beko, WRAP and Zero Waste Scotland. Emma was the project manager and delivery consultant for the WRAP REBus project between 2014 and 2016. Emma is a Director of SevernNet; a circular economy focused business network in the Avonmouth area and leader of the Circular Economy Club (Bristol-SevernNet) chapter.


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