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| be Waste Wise | October 2, 2022

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Stephen Bates

Stephen Bates

Stephen Bates


Waste Management Communications Consultant

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Stephen is a global leader for behaviour change communications in the waste management and environmental sector; a specialism that spans almost 30 years during which he has been responsible for some of the most effective campaigns of their type that have been successful in motivating change related to environmental behaviours and attitudes. It’s estimated that over half of all UK households have been positively influenced in some way by Stephen’s work. Internationally, Stephen works in the environmental, economic and social development sectors, developing behaviour change strategies and communications in post-conflict, low income and emerging economic regions.
In 2003, he co-founded EnviroComms, a behaviour change communications firm established to serve UK local authorities as they began to roll-out kerbside recycling following the government’s ratification of the EU landfill directive. The company went on to work with over 150 local authorities. In 2019, Stephen launched the Mobius Agency, a collaborative enterprise that utilises a network of world-class consultants all dedicated to positive environmental change.

Outside of work, Stephen is a highly proficient photographer and film-maker. He was recently produced the music video for the fundraising song ‘We Applaud You’ in aid of the Covid Emergency Appeal.


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