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| be Waste Wise | October 22, 2018

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D-NOSES: Optimizing Waste Management and Reducing Odour Pollution Through Citizen Science

Rosa Arias

Organized on 29th Aug, 2018


Rosa Arias


Founder, Science for Change

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Running a non-profit is a full-time job. We do it every waking moment. It takes us thousands of hours and dollars to research, coordinate and produce content which will remain free for a global audience. We are investing in our collective future through be Waste Wise.

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The DNOSES project is about creating a model for citizen science based interventions in odour nuisance/problem situations. In the project, people of the affected community map out odours as they encounter them in daily life, and use the aggregate data to engage with other stakeholder and develop strategies and solutions to solve the problems.

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