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| be Waste Wise | August 14, 2022

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Promising Innovation in Materials Science & Product Design

Promising Innovation in Materials Science & Product Design
Organized on 5th Sep, 2018, as part of The 2018 Global Dialogue on Waste



CEO & Founder, Think Beyond Plastic™

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DANIELLA RUSSO, Founder & CEO, Think Beyond Plastic
  • The world of plastic hasn’t changed in the last 50 years and it is a major global challenge which is characterized with huge distribution impact, complexity and penetration in society that it gives an opportunity for a massive change.
  • Plastic and chemical industries are about 700 billion dollars each and nobody has innovated in creating plastic with short end life or to not leach toxic chemicals or not fossil fuel-based plastic.
When we first started think beyond plastic we launched it with the intention of capturing human ingenuity an innovative spirit
  • Innovators need guidance from the industry in price performance characteristics that these solutions need to meet and access to facilities and lab spaces where these innovations can be tested.
  • The challenge for investors right now is how do you know what’s a good investment in that space.
  • Everything around developing plastics or materials in that space is about interdisciplinary teams.
  • Different geographies have different innovations depending on the abundance of a material and people who are equipped to help with the process.
In the end it’s all about minimizing the plastic footprint of our consumption

  • The conversion to new materials will be supported by major changes in policy from public and private capital and will allow intrapreneurs to apply and receive funding for their ideas that have a measurable impact on plastic pollution.
  • Many large companies are committed to transition towards circular economy for plastics and minimizing their waste footprint therefore change is inevitable to succeed that and think beyond plastic accelerates the pace of discovery combining product material design and chemistry.
  • Think beyond plastic collaborates with major recyclers in the world to understand the challenges of bringing a completely new generation of material into that recycling stream.
Everyone who is interested in the topic of plastic pollution, remember that it’s not a problem it’s an opportunity

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