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| be Waste Wise | October 5, 2022

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Eric Lombardi

Eric Lombardi


Senior Adviser, Eco-Cycle

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After 24 years of building and running the largest Zero Waste Social Enterprise in America, Eco-Cycle (, Eric Lombardi is currently working to share his success in Colorado with the world. As an experienced public speaker, policy advocate, strategic community planner and businessperson, Eric is working to connect the people and best practices from around the world to facilitate the building of Zero Waste Communities through the creation and expansion of the “Social Enterprise” model.
Lombardi is currently a Strategic Advisor to Eco-Cycle International, and an Associate to the Social Enterprise World Forum. As the Executive Director of Eco-Cycle from 1989 to 2014, he grew the organization to become one of the largest community-based recycling social enterprises in the world with a staff of 80 and processing 50,000 tons of diverse recycled materials per year. He was invited to the Clinton White House in 1998 as one of the Top 100 USA Recyclers, and was a co-founder and past President of the U.S. GrassRoots Recycling Network. He was also the co-founder of the Zero Waste International Alliance (2002), based in Wales, and served from 1997-2004 on the U.S. National Recycling Coalition’s (NRC) Policy Work Group, and was an executive Board member of the NRC from 1991-1995. In 1992, he co-founded the U.S. Nonprofit Recyclers Council. CONTRIBUTIONS
Social Enterprises in Zero Waste for Profit & Purpose
August 2, 2019 from our Video Panels Join two global experts in exploring how the social enterprise business structure can transfer to the recycling and reuse sector. Read More

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