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| be Waste Wise | October 5, 2022

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Gerry Higgins

gerry higgins

gerry higginsGERRY HIGGINS

Managing Director, Social Enterprise World Forum

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Gerry Higgins is Managing Director of Social Enterprise World Forum and Director of International Enterprise at Community Enterprise in Scotland (CEIS). These dual roles were created in January 2019 as Social Enterprise World Forum required more capacity to support its ambitious programme to build a global social enterprise movement and after 13 years as CEO of CEIS, Gerry wanted to focus on the international dimensions of social enterprise in Scotland. Gerry is also a Director at Social Value Lab, CEIS Ayrshire, DSL Business Finance, Social Enterprise UK. Gerry has a BA in Education and a MSc in Business Studies and was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of Social Enterprise UK in 2017. CONTRIBUTIONS
Social Enterprises in Zero Waste for Profit & Purpose
August 2, 2019 from our Video Panels Join two global experts in exploring how the social enterprise business structure can transfer to the recycling and reuse sector. Read More

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