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| be Waste Wise | October 24, 2021

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The Changing Global Commodity Markets

The Changing Global Commodity Markets

Organized on 18th September, 2019
This webinar discusses the changing global commodity markets over the last 2 years, following the closure of Chinese markets for plastics, and increasing concerns about paper and plastics in other South East Asian markets. The panelists discuss what future markets will develop, how can we ensure they don’t result in marine pollution, and will there be an upturn in new facilities run by western companies, or in EU and US home markets to ensure recyclates are being returned to the circular economy.


Adam Read 225x225 Practice Director for Waste Management & Resource Eficiency at Ricardo-AEA


Director of External Affairs at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery

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Cole Rosengren, Waste Dive


Senior Editor, Waste Dive

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Group External Affairs & Sustainability Manager, Biffa Waste Services Ltd

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