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| be Waste Wise | February 6, 2023

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Design for Reuse/ Repair | with Adam Read

Design for Reuse/ Repair

Organized on 11th March 2020

Both policy developments and consumer demands over the last 2 years have pushed the debate away from recycling to activities further up the waste hierarchy, namely repair and reuse. This has in part been drive by the Blue Planet effect, and the desire to rid ourselves of single use plastics, but is also borne out of increasingly consumer focused new business models that enable people to do the right thing.

In this webinar, our panel of experts discuss some of the new examples of repair and reuse that are gaining traction both in the US and across Europe, and reflect on what consumers want and need in order for them to switch from more linear forms of consume, use and discard, to ones where packaging is designed for multiple lifetimes, and where products are constructed for disassembly and repair.



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