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| be Waste Wise | October 5, 2022

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Kaushik Chandrasekhar

Kaushik Chandrasekhar


Assistant Professor, Urban Governance, Administrative Staff College of India

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Kaushik Chandrasekhar’s background spans the fields of municipal solid waste management, environment law and climate change. He has specific interest in plastic waste management and has had the experience of working with the municipal and state governments in India conducting solid waste audits and techno-economic feasibility assessments. He brings with him a culture of management consulting and expertise in wet, plastic waste management and RDF co-processing in cement plants


March 29, 2022 from our Video Panels The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and be Waste Wise (bWW), in partnership with The Incubation Network, is conducting a series of 12 online workshops for a city network consisting of select cities in India, namely Panjim, Varanasi, East Delhi, Surat and Vadodara on aspects relating to solid and plastic waste management.Read More

Single Use Plastics and Extended Producers Responsibility in India
May 20, 2020 from our Video Panels This panel gathers experts from the plastic waste management domain in India and addresses some of the most pressing questions from waste management professionals and practitioners.Read More

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