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| be Waste Wise | March 23, 2023

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Shailendra Singh

Shailendra Singh

Shailendra describes himself as sustainable development strategist/enthusiast, with keen appreciation of the impact of climate change on business models & ways to mitigate the risk. He has been working in the field of plastic waste management & helped develop multi-pronged strategies to deal with the issue of plastic waste pollution. He has rich work experience in Specialty Chemicals & Plastics of over 3 decades with leading MNC’s, spanning Asia Pacific Region working in senior leadership roles. On his return to India in 2015, in his most recent role, he was the MD & CEO in India for a public listed Japanese Multinational. Shailendra has been on the governing board of the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) & also held positions in Society of Plastic Engineers- India/ All India Printing Inks Manufacturer Association (AIPIMA) through his career.


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