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| be Waste Wise | October 2, 2023

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David Palmer-Jones

David Palmer-Jones

On January 01 2020, David Palmer-Jones became SUEZ Group Senior Executive Vice President – North Europe Region. In his new role, David is responsible for SUEZ’s recycling and recovery business activities across Northern Europe, including the UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Serbia and the Czech Republic. He is also be responsible for hazardous waste activities for SUEZ for all of Europe. From September 2008 until December 2019, David was Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, previously known as SITA UK. David has transformed the way the company views the management of waste for its customers, moving towards a resource efficiency and recycling-led approach. Until June 2017, David was also the President of the European Federation of Waste Management (FEAD). Prior to that, David was Chief Executive Officer of SITA Scandinavia from 2003 to 2006 before taking up the position of Operations Director for the Industrial and Commercial Division.


Adam Read Interviews David Palmer-Jones
June 12, 2020 from our Video Panels Adam Read talks to David about his life in the waste sector, and the evolution of waste management in UK, and his new role across Europe.Read More

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