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| be Waste Wise | October 7, 2022

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Are circular business models mainstream? Examples from the #CE100 series.

Are circular business models mainstream? Examples from the #CE100 series

Organized on 22nd January, 2020

Circular business models are sometimes seen as niche or high risk. We are continually asked to explain the benefits, present case studies and to lay out the business case for moving towards more circular practices.

Emma Burlow started her #CE100 series in Feb 2020 as a means of sharing some of the many successful circular business she comes across and works with. By doing this she hopes to illustrate that circular business models are already all around us, ‘hidden in plain sight’ and are applicable to all companies, in every sector.

In this webinar she introduces two companies from the series to explain why they believe circular business models are already not only mainstream but profitable and the future of business. Emma hosts the panel with guests Anthony Burns of clothing rental logistics provider ACS and Nick Rawkins of sustainable tech, refurbishment and recycling company Reconome.

Head to these links to know more about both the organisations:


Emma Burlow


Founder, Lighthouse Sustainability.

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Anthony Burns


Chief Operating Officer, ACS Clothing

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Nick Rawkins


Founder / CEO, Rethinking Electronics | RECONO.ME

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