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| be Waste Wise | December 5, 2021

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Food Rescue: Responding to a Global Pandemic and Beyond | with Kat Heinrich

Bethany Fitzpatrick

Organised on February 26th, 2021.

Globally, one-third of food is wasted or lost. Meanwhile, many people face food insecurity and cannot access affordable, nutritious food. Food rescue charities help bridge this divide. They rescue uneaten food from businesses (like cafes and restaurants) and provide it to those in need, delivering economic, environmental and social benefits.

Join us to hear from Beth Fitzpatrick about OzHarvest’s food rescue activities in Australia. Beth shares insights into barriers and success factors for running a food relief charity. She describes the additional challenges brought about by COVID-19 and how OzHarvest has responded to the pandemic and met increased community demand for food relief. Beth also shares insights into the future of food rescue – touching on the role that technology and innovations can play.

For other case studies and research from Kat Heinrich, head to Beyond Food Waste.


Kat Heinrich


Food Waste Specialist

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Bethany Fitzpatrick


National Operations Lead @OzHarvest

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