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| be Waste Wise | June 28, 2022

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Recycling Policy Status Report in the United States | with Megan Quinn

Plastic containers cleaned before recycling

Organized on 15th June, 2021

In this mid-year report on U.S. national and state recycling policy, panelists discuss what the recycling policy landscape looks like at this point in the year. What trends are dominating these legislative sessions, both in Washington D.C. and in local state houses? How do this year’s recycling-related bills compare to previous years? How has the pandemic and pandemic recovery affected recycling policies?

Panelists speak both about the big-picture ideas, as well as insights or predictions for what specific policies and ideas are gaining traction and which could be left on the table at the sessions’ ends.


Profile picture of Megan Quinn (a caucasian woman similing at the camera while wearing glasses)


Reporter @Waste Dive

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A profile picture of Yinka N. Bode-George (a woman with hair falling on her shoulders and wearing glasses)


Environmental Health Manager @NCEL

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Sarah Edwards


Director @Eunomia Research & Consulting in North America

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