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| be Waste Wise | October 7, 2022

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Katie Cockburn

Profile picture of Katie Cockburn

Profile picture of Katie Cockburn


Professional Services Director @CIWM

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Katie Cockburn is the Professional Services Director, CIWM and Director of Qualifications and Standards, WAMITAB, with fifteen years of experience in the vocational and technical education space. Over ten of these were spent developing and improving qualification standards in the waste and resource management sector. She has seen the introduction of the first apprenticeships to the sector in 2011 and the evolution and growth of operator competence schemes. She is now keen to look forward to the future skills needs of our critical sector.


Closeup of hands separating plastic bottles
September 1, 2021 from our Video Panels This panel considers what skills are needed in the resources and waste sector to meet the challenges of the circular economy and decarbonisation.Read More

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