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| be Waste Wise | February 6, 2023

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Jen Gale

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In September 2012, Jen decided it would be a ‘fun’ challenge to spend a year buying nothing new and dragged the rest of her family along for the ride. That year, she learned that all of her actions make a difference, positive or negative and that through getting informed, she could make different choices, create new habits, and have a more positive impact. Fast forward seven years and that simple blog that started life as My Make Do and Mend Year, is now Sustainable(ish), a CIC on a mission to make sustainable living the norm, break down the mung-bean eating, yoghurt weaving stereotypes of ‘green living’ and empower easy, simple actions for all. The ethos at Sustainable(ish) is that no change is too small, and the focus is on progress, not ‘eco-perfection’.


Image shows a woman in a supermarket carrying a cloth tote bag
February 10, 2022 from our Video Panels What is sustainable consumption, and how do we help individuals, organisations and governments understand and take action to make it a reality for all?Read More

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