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| be Waste Wise | February 6, 2023

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Susan Evans

Headshot of Susan Evans

Susan Evans joined Green Alliance in September 2021 as a senior policy adviser, leading the organisation’s work on resource efficiency and the circular economy. She is currently looking at building a green and fair tax system, the links between resource efficiency and carbon emissions, and how best to deploy new and existing laws and regulations in support of a circular economy. Susan was previously policy manager at Zero Waste Scotland, where she led a team providing policy support to the Scottish Government. She worked on policies and regulations, including restrictions on single-use plastics, reforms to extended producer responsibility and the early development of a Circular Economy Bill for Scotland. Prior to that, Susan worked for over eight years with the Economist Intelligence Unit, after starting her career at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


Image shows a pentagonal illustration with the text - Climate change, air quality, material use, water scarcity, and land use on each of the corners
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