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| be Waste Wise | June 2, 2023

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Marine Litter: Challenges and Solutions, Global and Brazilian Perspective

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Organised on 24th February 2023

Marine litter has become a growing global concern, considerably affecting ecosystems, public health, and the economy. Plastic waste in oceans has become an alarming issue, and it is estimated that around 75-199 million tons can be found in the marine environment. This is expected to reach approximately 23-37 million tons per year by 2040 if not acted upon.

Microplastics resulting from the decomposition of plastics in oceans are affecting the reproductive chain of the species and are causing physical changes in the environment. The reduction of productivity of coastal communities is estimated to have an annual financial loss of over US$100 billion.

This webinar gives an insight into the problem and initiatives that are underway globally and specifically in Brazil to solve the issue.


Basura marina: desafíos y soluciones, perspectiva global y brasileña

La basura marina se ha convertido en una preocupación mundial que viene en aumento, afectado considerablemente los ecosistemas, la salud pública y la economía; encontrando al plástico como el residuo más abundante en el océano en donde se estima que en la actualidad se pueden encontrar alrededor de 75-199 millones de toneladas y el cual puede llegar aproximadamente a 23-37 millones de toneladas por año en el año 2040.

Como consecuencia se tienen los micro plásticos resultantes de la descomposición de los plásticos en el océano, afectando la cadena reproductiva de las especies de este ecosistema y teniendo cambios físicos en el medio ambiente. En cuanto a lo económico se ve reflejada la reducción de la productividad de las comunidades costeras proyectando para el 2040 un riesgo financiero anual aproximado de US $ 100 mil millones.

Este seminario web dará una idea del problema y las iniciativas que se están llevando a cabo a nivel mundial y específicamente en Brasil para resolver este problema.


Aditi Ramola, Technical Director @International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)

Aditi is the Technical Director at the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), where she manages international projects and partnerships with the UN, provides assistance to ISWA’s Working Groups and helps develop innovative projects globally further to strengthen cooperation with ISWA’s partners and international organizations. She is also a co-founder of Ambire Global, working on Circular Economy and Sustainable Finance. Her skills are particularly focused on solid waste management and environmental issues. Aditi holds a master’s in Environmental Technology and International Affairs from the Vienna University of Technology. She has several years of experience in the private sector, including at Caterpillar Inc., before joining the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in the Climate Policy and Networks unit.

Fernanda Romero, Environmental Scientist

Fernanda is an Environmental Scientist and has a master’s degree in integrated environmental analysis, currently coordinating the technical department of the Brazilian Association of Public Cleansing and Waste Management Companies (ABRELPE). She has seven years of experience in the waste sector, and has worked in projects related to emissions mitigation, strategic planning for waste management, and marine litter prevention. Currently, she coordinates the Waste Free Water project, which technically supports Brazilian municipalities in the prevention of marine litter from waste management.


Vishwas Vidyaranya, Co-founder @Ambire Global

Vishwas has over 10 years of international experience in circular economy, waste and water management, financial analysis, climate change resilience and sustainable cities. He holds a master´s degree in Sanitary Engineering and waste management from Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany and is based out of Bogotá, Colombia.

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