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| be Waste Wise | September 29, 2023

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Behaviour Change When Introducing Waste Systems for the First Time in Indonesia | with Mike Webster

Behaviour Change When Introducing Waste Systems for the First Time in Indonesia | with Mike Webster

Project STOP has been working in Java and Bali in Indonesia since 2018 and, since that time, has introduced waste services to 450,000 people, most for the first time. Dhani and Farah have led behaviour change work in various of the STOP cities. During this webinar they share their approaches and experiences on what works when introducing waste services to a population for the first time.


Farah Amini, Behavior Change Component Lead, Systemiq

Farah Amini has been involved in communication for development for more than 20 years. With a work portfolio in different sectors: water and sanitation, immunization, education, nature conservation, and election, she has spent six years leading national advocacy and behavior change campaign management. Since 2022, she leads waste management behavior change component of Banyuwangi Hijau Program, at Systemiq.

Dhani Fatimah, Behaviour Change Senior Officer, Systemiq

Dhani is Behaviour change senior officer for Project STOP at Systemiq Indonesia with almost 2 years of experience in responsible waste management campaigns in Pasuruan and Jembrana to help the community do this practice since this is something new for most people that used to burn or dump their waste irresponsibly.

Mike Webster, Project STOP Program Director, Systemiq

Since a visit to a landfill site in the early 90s filled him with horror and fascination in equal measures, Mike has been working both within the UK and internationally to grapple with the global waste emergency. With over 21 years’ experience, he takes a practical approach to waste and secondary resource management and is passionate about advocating the public health and economic benefits of better waste management both in the UK and internationally, and has developed and grown not-for-profit consultancy, charity and ethical business and networking organisations. Co-founding charity WasteAid UK, he has worked in the South Pacific, Latin America and eight sub-Saharan African countries, managing ground-breaking projects delivering waste livelihoods, community waste management and research. He holds an MSc in Environmental Economics and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management. In 2018 he was voted by his peers as the top waste and resource influencer in the UK.

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