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| be Waste Wise | July 5, 2022

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Environmental Justice in Waste and Recycling

Environmental Justice in Waste and Recycling

Environmental justice has become a major talking point in the waste and recycling industry in recent years. This webinar will explore environmental justice from a policy and trends perspective and understand how it is looked at in a nonprofit setting.

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Matthew Karmel, Environmental Attorney @Riker Danzig

Matthew Karmel is passionate about sustainability and the environment. As an environmental attorney at the Riker Danzig law firm in New Jersey, Matthew’s practice includes traditional environmental counseling and litigation, as well as matters relating to sustainability, waste management, renewable energy, climate change, and environmental justice. Matthew also has been recognized for his legal expertise and commitment to the waste and recycling industry, including by Waste360 as a 40 Under 40 Winner and by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection as a “Rising Star” in the recycling industry. With regard to environmental justice specifically, Matthew advises a wide variety of companies on compliance with environmental justice laws and policies in connection with siting, developing, and operating facilities in the energy, renewable energy, and waste and recycling industries.

Michael Haedicke, Associate Professor @University of Maine

Michael Haedicke is an associate professor of sociology and a faculty fellow at the Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions at the University of Maine. His research focuses on the organization and governance of food systems and processes of climate resilience and adaptation. Michael is the author of Organizing Organic: Conflict and Compromise in an Emerging Market, a book-length study of the organic foods industry published by Stanford University Press, as well as a number of academic and popular articles. With colleagues the Materials Management Research Group at the Mitchell Center, Michael has also published research about emerging circular economic arrangements in New England and nationally.

Brieanne Berry, Researcher @University of Maine

Dr. Berry studies systems of production-consumption-disposal to understand how we can build economies that are more fair and less wasteful. From wasted food to thrift shops, Brie’s work explores the social, economic, and environmental value of the stuff we buy, sell, and throw away. Trained as an economic and environmental anthropologist, Brie has a background in interdisciplinary collaboration and a strong interest in public policy. Brie holds a PhD in Anthropology & Environmental Policy from the University of Maine.

Jose Almanzar, Environmental Counsel @Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Jose has been practicing environmental law for more than a decade, in addition to several years prior working as an environmental scientist. His practice includes significant experience litigating complex environmental cases, ranging from mass toxic torts, class actions, and federal Superfund allocation proceedings. He also counsels clients on environmental regulatory matters and environmental due diligence as part of real estate and corporate transactions. Jose is the current Chair of the Environmental Justice Committee for the New York State Bar Association’s Environmental & Energy Law Section, and Co-Chair of the Environmental Justice Subcommittee of the NYSBA’s Task Force on Racism, Social Equity, and the Law. Jose regularly speaks and presents on environmental justice issues affecting New Yorkers and impacted communities across the country.


Megan Quinn, Reporter @Waste Dive

Megan joined the Waste Dive team as a reporter in 2020. She previously covered the recycling industry as a senior reporter for Scrap News, where she learned about the industry at scrapyards and steel mills. She is originally from Colorado, where she covered everything from fracking lawsuits to pet parades at several daily and weekly newspapers. She lives in Washington, D.C.

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