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| be Waste Wise | March 28, 2020

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Recycling Incentives in Lower-Income Communities

Recycling Incentives Poster
February 25, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm UTC Timezone

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How can we capture waste materials where there is no government waste collection service? In this webinar hosted by Zoë Lenkiewicz of WasteAid, we will explore recycling incentive schemes in Nigeria, Ghana and India and learn about the keys to success.


Hilda Addah – SESA, Accra, Ghana

Hilda Addah is project coordinator and also co-founder of Asase foundation who is running Cashit Factory where the LDPE is recycled. She is also involved in NGO called Beyond the Goal Post and Football for Water. SESA has implemented in 2019 in Accra a reward for recycling scheme with the support of GRIPE (Ghana recycling initiative from Private enterprise). Every kilo of sorted waste dropped at the collection point can be swap for money, products, or services (payment of utility bills). We are also working with schools (8000 schoolers) and churches. We are accepting plastics HDPE, PET, LDPE, aluminum. There is today around 500 clients and we are collecting 6-8t per month.

Mazin Mukhtar – Akshar Foundation, Assam, India

Mazin is a Sudanese-American who, by age 16, had a paid position as a research assistant at the University of Maryland’s Space Systems Laboratory, one of the premiere aerospace engineering laboratories in US, as well as a job offer from Boeing. He dropped out in his third year at 18 to start working to reform the education system in California and New York, and co-founded Akshar Foundation with Parmita Sarma in 2013.

Every student pays “school fees” with plastic from their homes. Teens are employed to collect plastic from homes in the area surrounding the school, a model that can be replicated in every school to effect large scale change. Teens are also employed part-time in the campus Recycling Center, sponsored by ERDF, processing non-recyclable, dry, plastic packaging into Eco-bricks. 20-40 packets that would have been dumped or burned are sequestered into a single plastic bottle, forming a sturdy brick for simple construction projects.

Victor Amusa – Waste Bazaar Incentive Scheme, Lagos, Nigeria

Victor AMUSA is a social entrepreneur with over 5 years’ experience in incentive-motivated waste recycling. He is a graduate of Chemistry from the University of Ilorin and holds a certificate in Sustainable Waste management from Lagos Business School –Nigeria. He is a member of African Scientific, Research & Innovation Council – an African Union organ that addresses Africa’s socioeconomic development challenges through science and innovation. A dodged sustainable development advocate and change-maker. Victor is involved in initiatives around the environment, youth entrepreneurship and women empowerment, for which he has received multiple local and international awards and fellowships.


Zoë LenkiewiczHead of Programmes and Engagement, WasteAid, will speak at this webinar.She is an experienced international waste management professional, focusing on sharing knowledge to encourage community-led waste management initiatives around the globe.

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