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| be Waste Wise | May 18, 2022

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Innovating Our Way Out of the Global Waste Crisis
May 23 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Innovating Our Way Out of the Global Waste Crisis

With as much as 80% of the population in developing countries without regular and effective waste collection, what hope is there for a truly global sustainable waste management solution?

This panel will consider international best practices in system design, packaging innovation, policy reform, consumer responsibility and technology breakthroughs to suggest how we can ensure we curb global waste production, how we can recycle more, how we can protect our communities and the environment and how we must tackle overconsumption before it’s too late.

With experts from across the value chain and with a wide range of insights and experiences, this should be a lively discussion, and as always we will respond to questions from the audience live.

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Daniella Russo, CEO & Founder @Think Beyond Plastic™

Daniella Russo is the CEO and co-founder of the Think Beyond™ the leader of global action to develop an innovation pipeline for the UN Sustainable Development Goals for waste, water, agriculture, energy and climate change. Think Beyond runs periodic innovation challenges, an annual accelerator class and an annual investor forum. Its innovation eco-system connects industry, investors and innovators. Its Innovation Center has a network of Regional User facilities for design, testing, characterization and prototyping in locations in the US and Europe. The new Global Entrepreneurship Centre in Germany offers scaleup services to qualified scaleups from its pipeline. Think Beyond Plastic™ is a flagship program launched in 2008, to address the global plastic pollution crisis, with special impacts on the ocean, agriculture, textile, construction and transportation.

Tracy Sutton, Founder + Lead Expert @Root

Founder and lead expert Tracy Sutton set up Root in 2013 to help organisations use less and focus on becoming regenerative, inclusive and kinder to people and our planet. A regular speaker at international conferences and a respected commentator in the national and trade media, Tracy is a high-profile industry expert at the forefront of innovative and responsible packaging design with over twenty years of hands-on knowledge. She is a guest lecturer at Falmouth University and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Tracy and the Root team support the world’s most prolific producers of goods and packaging to become fit for a regenerative future. They use decades of technical, environmental and creative expertise to deliver industry-leading Impact Analysis, Packaging Strategy and specialist consultancy, promising to reduce the impact of every product and pack that they work on. They also deliver Sustainability Strategy exclusively to businesses in the packaging supply chain.

Paula Chin, Senior Policy Adviser for Consumption @WWF-UK

Following 20 years in the industry, working at Proctor & Gamble, M&S, Sainsbury’s and Pret, she joined WWF in 2019 to work on the packaging element of the Tesco partnership. Additionally, she provides internal and external technical expertise on materials-related issues including plastics, with her policy and advocacy work focusing more broadly on resources, waste and circular economy thinking. Most recently, she played a leading role in influencing Government to adopt Greener UK’s priority amendment for the Resource and Waste chapter of the Environment Act and co-authored a chapter on Waste Prevention and Waste Management for a UNEP Finance Initiative Sustainable Blue Economy guide. She is the current Chair of the Wildlife and Countryside Link’s Resources and Waste Working Group, an advisor on UKRI’s Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Fund and sits on several government and industry working groups addressing this broad topic.


Adam Read, Director of External Affairs, SUEZ Recycling & Recovery

Dr Adam Read has been External Affairs Director at SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK for the last 4 years after a successful career in academia, local government, and consultancy dating back some 25 years, including many years delivering both resource efficiency and circular economy business support work to SMEs across the UK. For the last 2 years he has been leading SUEZ’s work with the English Government on the development of the new English Resources & Waste Strategy and associated consultations on extended producer responsibility, deposit return systems, and consistent collections, acting as lead author on all of the SUEZ evidence submissions. He has also worked with numerous local authorities on modelling, mapping and assessing policy reforms and likely impacts on materials flows, composition and service provision. Adam is a Fellow of CIWM, the RSA, IOM3 and the Royal Geographical Society and is a Trustee of CIWM. He is a regular speaker, author, blogger and social media enthusiast. Adam is the CIWM’s 105thPresident and his presidential year is focused on the skills and competencies needed to meet the circular economy and netzerocarbon agendas.

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