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| be Waste Wise | June 4, 2023

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2018 Global Dialogue on Waste

4th & 5th September: Bringing the best minds together to explore solutions to and through waste

Find links to separate registrations for each day & information about our speakers & themes.

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All times are in UTC

Separate registration for each day

New Systems for North America

4th September, 2 PM to 5 PM

14.00 to 14.45 UTC | Status of Recycling & Opportunities for Innovation Chaz Miller, Veteran, Waste & Recycling Industry; Cole Rosengren, Senior Reporter, Waste Dive

14.45 to 15.30 UTC | Developing Local Markets for Recyclables | Kate Davenport & Lynn Hoffman, Co-Presidents, Eureka Recycling

15.30 to 16.15 UTC | Status of Landfill Diversion Options | Natalie Starr, Principal, DSM Environmental Services; Amity Lumper, Co-President, Cascadia Consulting Group

16.15 to 17:00 UTC | New Recycling Systems for United States | Jim Frey, CEO, Resource Recycling Systems; Beth Schmitt, Sr. Director of Corporate Partnerships, The Recycling Partnership


Learning Across The Atlantic

5th September, 2 PM to 5 PM

14.00 to 14.45 UTC | Connecting Waste Hierarchy & Circular Economy | Ad Lansink, Author,  Challenging Changes

14.45 to 15.30 UTC | Communications for Adaptive & Resilient Recycling Systems | Mitch Hedlund, Executive Director, Recycle Across America; Stephen Bates, Waste Management Communications Consultant

15.30 to 16.15 UTC | Next Steps to Eliminate Avoidable Plastic Waste Systematically Emma Burlow, Head, Circular Economy, Resource Futures; Kate Bailey, Director, Eco-Cycle Solutions

16.15 to 17:00 UTC | Promising Innovation in Materials Science & Product Design | Daniella Russo, Founder & CEO, Think Beyond Plastic


Our goal is to connect you to experts & getting your questions answered. Due to increased participation in live events, we have been missing many good questions. This year onwards, we are providing you an opportunity to ask your questions ahead of time so that we get to the good ones. Helps you, helps us, and everyone else!




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