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| be Waste Wise | April 23, 2018

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Waste is a global challenge with local solutions. Now, imagine the scale of this problem! Are you passionate and committed to solve it? If yes, read the following which was put together for you:

About Us

be Waste Wise believes change and leadership can arise from every part of the society. We believe that anyone searching for solutions to and through waste, wherever they are in the world, deserves access to the latest thinking, enlightening case studies, and the sheer wealth of experience that others have.

be Waste Wise is a non-profit organization addressing the need for knowledge dissemination in waste management by bringing the best minds in the world together to build a global waste management community. be Waste Wise provides educational resources, direct access to experts and networking for free and builds momentum around the global challenge of waste.

be Waste Wise also manages grants and provides consultancy services in knowledge transfer and training, communications and content marketing, networking and community building, conference support and research and consulting in waste management.

Our Inspiration

Improper waste management continues to impact the health of entire communities and cities; pollute local water, air and land resources; contribute to climate change and ocean plastic pollution; hinder climate change adaptation; and accelerate depletion of forests and mines. These problems cannot be solved without solving waste. Compared to solid waste management, we can consider that the world has achieved significant success in providing other basic necessities like food, drinking water, energy and economic opportunities. Solving waste leads to tangible results in improved public health and quality of life, clean air and drinking water, renewable energy, economic opportunities to the poorest sections of our society and climate change mitigation and adaptation. No other organization is addressing these issues at scale.

Waste is a global challenge with local solutions. Billions of people need solutions to and through waste, and yet they lack access to relevant knowledge and best practice.

Available Internships

Content Production & Graphics

be Waste Wise‘s content production and graphics teams fuels the rest of our work. The team works with some of the best minds in the world to convert their ideas, knowledge and expertise into various formats of content that can be easily utilized by our global community. Content Prouction & Graphics interns create and edit articles, videos, images and infographics and help deliver these products to suit the needs of our website and social media channels.

Community Development

Creating an engaged global waste community, which shares knowledge and learns collaboratively from each other is one of the most effective ways to solve a complex challenge like waste. The Community Development team works with some of the world’s well known and respected organizations to take the knowledge from our contributors to leaders and decision makers at every level of society. For us, a leader is anyone who wants to take an initiative to create change. The Community Development intern researches and identifies online networks, potential partners, thought leaders and trending topics, drafts social media messages and analyzes community data and actively engages with the community as required.

Marketing & Business Development

The Marketing and Business Development team interacts with the media, sponsors and customers to pitch: knowledge resources and services offered by be Waste Wise; be Waste Wise‘s story; and events. Interns research and analyze potential media and funding opportunities, learn pitching, find new avenues and ways to share be Waste Wise‘s work.

Internship Details

be Waste Wise offers an unpaid educational internship. We encourage students to check with their schools for potential credit or funding, and we’ll aid with the application process. The internships are offered remotely and the interns can be located anywhere in the world. Interns are expected to use their own laptop for work and are responsible for their living expenses.

Your work with be Waste Wise will create long term impact and contribute to human wellbeing while solving a global challenge. You will be part of a young and dynamic team which is improving our common future by generating dialogue and encouraging leadership to create and sustain change.

To apply for any of the internships above, please email to with your resume and a short paragraph describing reasons for applying to the position.

While learning is the major objective of your internship, we believe it can also be opportunity to follow your passion. After all, an organization is made up of people and they should be able to fulfill their dreams. If you plan to apply for multiple positions, please indicate that in your email and we’ll make it work.

Special mention: If you are one of those people who fit multiple headings or have crazy new ideas which do not fit any description below, please don’t hesitate to write to us. People think creating a community to solve a global challenge like waste is crazy! Which is why we’re the only organization doing this. We have the capacity to believe in your crazy ideas too…