The focus on chemical recycling has intensified in the recent past. Many are looking at it as a solution to our mixed waste streams. But, what is chemical recycling and how does the process differ from recovery and mechanical recycling?

We look at opportunities for chemical recycling to boost recycling rates and enable new materials to be targeted. We also discuss what are the barriers to wider implementation, including costs, perceptions and stakeholder interests. Finally, the panel reflects on where chemical recycling fits into a circular economy and a revised waste hierarchy and its potential use in all geographies and locations.


  • Adam Read

    Chief Sustainability & External Affairs Officer, SUEZ UK

    Adam Read is the Director of External Affairs at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery. Adam has specialized...
  • Adrian Haworth

    Founder, Stratergy Ltd

    Adrian Haworth was the Sales and Marketing Director of Recycling Technologies from 2013 to 2019 and ...
  • Paula Luu

    Project Director at Closed Loop Partners

    Paula is a Project Director at Closed Loop Partners, an investment and advisory services firm focuse...
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