Training Workshops for Municipalities in India – in Partnership with TERI

In partnership with The Energy and Research Institute, India, be Waste Wise structured a series of workshops to train five municipal corporations in India to improve their access to global knowledge related to waste management.

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Live Webcast to Disseminate Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging’s Report

In 2020, the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) published a detailed report titled “The State of Sustainable Packaging” which explores how the international packaging industry can use recycling and circularity to achieve intrinsic sustainability ultimately.

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TD Pushpom and James Grant

Between 2016-18, be Waste Wise managed the TD Pushpom and James Grant towards the advocacy for decentralized waste management in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Implemented by Thanal, the project aimed to spread the message of decentralized source-level waste management to 49000 households and establish source-level composting equipment at interested households.

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Webinar to Disseminate Circulate Capital’s Report on Plastic Recycling Value Chain

Circulate Capital published a report titled “Safeguarding the Plastic Recycling Value Chain: Insights from COVID-19 Impact in South and Southeast Asia”, which explored the impacts of the global pandemic on the plastic recycling value chain across five countries – India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

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Partner with us

We work on a wide range of projects, both online and on the ground, that address challenges related to waste and sustainability. If you think we could support you in any of your initiatives, please email us at [email protected].