About Us

be Waste Wise (bWW) is a non-profit organization addressing the need for knowledge dissemination in waste management by bringing the best minds in the world together to build a global waste management community. be Waste Wise provides educational resources, direct access to experts, and networking for free and builds momentum around the global challenge of waste.

We are tired of the same people talking about the same thing with the same people and expecting change. So, we set be Waste Wise to grow around the principles of dialogue and diversity.

Dialogue is different from byte-sized information. It is the opposite of one-way dissemination. It is the process in which people join with the intent to learn and exchange facts, perspectives, and wisdom.

Diversity is different from the same people talking about the same thing to the same people and expecting change. Diversity means actively looking for new groups of people and ways of knowing and thinking to learn more about the world.

We started with one moderator in 2013. We now have ten moderators worldwide posing questions, teasing insights, and guiding conversations. Over 300 contributors have also been part of this journey. Currently, we organize two webinars every month. Head to our webinar calendar to sign up for upcoming webinars.


be Waste Wise was co-founded by Ranjith Annepu and Katrina Mitchell in 2013 with the belief that consistent education leads to sustained long-term change. It takes us a team of three and thousands of hours and dollars to research, coordinate, and produce content that remains free for all. We manage this with a combination of external funding, paid projects, and donations.

“Damage to public health and quality of life –because of reasons like improper waste management, which already have technological solutions– keeps me on my feet.”

- Ranjith Annepu, Co-founder

“The more I look, the more I see elegant and inspiring examples of innovation in waste at the grassroots level in the informal sector. Waste is a wonderfully complex problem worthy of a lifetime’s inquiry”

- Katrina Mitchell, Co-founder

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