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| be Waste Wise | December 5, 2019

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About Us

be Waste Wise (bWW) is a non-profit organization addressing the need for knowledge dissemination in waste management by bringing the best minds in the world together to build a global waste management community. be Waste Wise provides educational resources, direct access to experts and networking for free and builds momentum around the global challenge of waste.

be Waste Wise also manages grants and provides consultancy services in knowledge transfer and training, communications and content marketing, networking and community building, conference support and waste management.

Our Inspiration & History

Waste is a global challenge with local solutions. Billions of people need solutions to and through waste, and yet they lack access to relevant knowledge and best practice.

Improper waste management continues to impact the health of entire communities and cities; pollute local water, air and land resources; contribute to climate change and ocean plastic pollution; hinder climate change adaptation; and accelerate depletion of forests and mines. These problems cannot be solved without solving waste. Compared to solid waste management, we can consider that the world has achieved significant success in providing other basic necessities like food, drinking water, energy and economic opportunities. Solving waste leads to tangible results in improved public health and quality of life, clean air and drinking water, renewable energy, economic opportunities to the poorest sections of our society and climate change mitigation and adaptation. No other organization is addressing these issues at scale.

be Waste Wise believes change and leadership can arise from every part of the society. We believe that anyone working with waste, wherever they are in the world, deserves access to the latest thinking, enlightening case studies, and the sheer wealth of experience that others have.

be Waste Wise was co-founded by Ranjith Annepu and Katrina Mitchell in 2013 with the belief that consistent education leads to sustained long term change.

Our Impact

be Waste Wise has successfully conducted our annual flagship programme — The Global Dialogue on Waste — since 2013 with experts from across the waste spectrum, broadcast them live, and published content for ready use by decision makers, policy analysts, experts and advocates. Our website hosts a range of recorded panel discussions, easily accessible videos and useful articles.

In 2015, participation in be Waste Wise’s activities grew by 80% as more users dialled in to panel discussions and accessed online content, and every minute a panellist spent on be Waste Wise multiplied to 36 minutes of free waste education for our growing and engaged global community.

Since our launch in 2013, an incredible 28,000 practitioners have used our open platform to access more than 2,000 hours of education, contributed by more than 100 experts from across the globe.

We’ve been named as one of the top 10 must-follow Twitter accounts in the sector and one of the top 100 circular economy organisations in the world and we’ve achieved more than 8,000 YouTube views. Our community is made up of C-suite decision makers, senior budget holders, business owner/managers, entrepreneurs, NGOs and pioneering knowledge leaders, with a global reach.


• Sponsorship: Various levels of sponsorship are available. Please send us a message or write to and we’d be happy to discuss your options.

Media Partners: We need your help in taking solutions to waste to a larger audience. Please send us a message or write to to learn how we can help you back.

• Community Partners: We need your help to spread the word and engage communities globally. Please send us a message or write to to learn how we can help you back..

be Waste Wise was co-founded by Global WTERT Council under the Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University. Global WTERT Council is be Waste Wise‘s fiscal agent.

be Waste Wise covers a wide range of waste management issues from around the world and our content is editorially independent.


Ranjith Annepu, Co-founder

“Damage to public health and quality of life –because of reasons like improper waste management, which already have technological solutions– keeps me on my feet.”

Katrina Mitchell, Co-founder

“The more I look, the more I see elegant and inspiring examples of innovation in waste at the grassroots level in the informal sector. Waste is a wonderfully complex problem worthy of a lifetime’s inquiry”

Athanasios Bourtsalas, Principal Researcher

“The environmental and aesthetic advancements that successful waste management systems can bring to communities around the world fascinate me. They also drive my efforts in informing the rest of the world about the simple steps needed to accrue substantial benefits through sustainable waste management.”

David Lerpiniere, U.K. & Europe Representative

“As quantities of waste generated across the world continue to grow rapidly, it will be critical that communities and businesses have the skills to address this challenge. There are many experienced waste management practitioners across the world, but there are also big gaps in knowledge and capacity. be Waste Wise helps practitioners share knowledge and experience so that we can address this challenge as a global community.”

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