With the challenges our planet is facing, we know that our lifestyles need to change dramatically in order to prevent the worst predictions when it comes to climate change and biodiversity loss.

COVID-19 has shown how quickly we can adapt and change our routines in the face of such a significant challenge, but could the positive differences these recent months have made to our behaviour be adopted in the long term, and what more needs to be done to truly shift societies in both the UK and Australia onto a more sustainable path?

Join our panellists, as they discuss the current, the possible future and what needs to be done to create lifestyles post COVID which balance the needs of people and planet.


  • Daniel O’Connor

    Waste and Sustainability Expert

    Daniel spends his time and expertise accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy. Having sp...
  • Jo Hand

    Co-founder, Giki Social Enterprise

    Jo Hand is co-founder of Giki Social Enterprise, the creators of digital products to help people liv...
  • Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

    Executive Director of the Plastic Free Foundation

    Rebecca Prince-Ruiz is the Executive Director of the Plastic Free Foundation, a not for profit with ...
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