Disposing of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is one of the biggest issues currently facing the U.S. waste industry. Multiple sectors are seeing or expect to see financial impacts, particularly within the biosolids and landfill spaces, while areas like incineration remain controversial with health and environmental groups.

Waste Dive recently published an expansive series on how the industry is handling PFAS disposal and what impacts have been so far. This webinar discusses some of the findings from that reporting project, as well as the current landscape around PFAS disposal in the United States.

Head here to read the entire series.


  • Cole Rosengren

    Lead Editor, Waste Dive

    Cole Rosengren is a lead editor at Waste Dive and Packaging Dive and has been with Industry Dive sin...
  • EV Crunden

    Reporter in Climate and Environment

    E.A. (Ev) Crunden is a climate and environment reporter. Ev previously covered the waste and recycli...
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