Have we established new norms owing to the lessons learned from COVID-19? Will refill, loop, and other packaging formats take hold in our supermarkets? Will we drive less or drive better? What lessons can we learn from recycling and waste prevention?

In this webinar, our panellists discuss how do we help consumers make the right decisions and to do better to support their ability to deliver decarbonisation.

  • Adam Read

    Chief Sustainability & External Affairs Officer, SUEZ UK

    Adam Read is the Director of External Affairs at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery. Adam has specialized...
  • David Greenfield

    Founder, SOENECS

    David is managing director and founder of SOENECS, a research and innovation practice in 2014 follow...
  • Stephen Clarke

    Public Relations, TerraCycle and Loop Europe

    Stephen’s role is to oversee the communications strategy and PR teams for both TerraCycle Europe a...
  • Trewin Restorick

    Founder and CEO of the charity Hubbub

    Trewin Restorick is Founder and CEO of the charity Hubbub UK www.hubbub.org.uk which transforms the ...
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