Waste and recycling collection workers face major on-the-job safety and environmental challenges, and whether they work in the informal economy or for major waste companies, advocates are working to help make their jobs safer each day.

This panel discusses some of the major hurdles, what strategies are working, and what strategies are still needed to help improve working conditions.

  • Megan Quinn

    Reporter, Waste Dive

    Megan joined the Waste Dive team as a reporter in 2020. She previously covered the recycling industr...
  • Christy Adeola Braham

    Health Coordinator, WEIGO

    Christy Braham is Workers’ Health Coordinator at the global network Women in Informal Employment �...
  • Marcy Goldstein Gelb

    Faculty, Harvard University Law School

    Marcy Goldstein-Gelb has been a leader and strategist in the occupational safety and health, and eco...
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