The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in an explosion of single-use PPE and other waste. In healthcare settings, procurement of PPE (masks, aprons, gowns etc.) and medical devices/instruments have increasingly turned away from reusable options in favour of disposable solutions. This webinar discusses the reasons behind this and the strategies required to reverse this trend.

We hear from two companies (Revolution-ZERO and Vanguard Medical Devices) actively working with the NHS and the wider healthcare sector to trial and integrate reusable systems into clinical settings. We discuss the contribution that circular medical textiles and instruments can make towards reducing the carbon footprint of the sector and what the circular surgical theatre of the future could look like, how decontamination technology is developing, and its potential to be rolled out globally. The challenges are many, but social gains and waste and carbon reduction rewards are so significant that this promises to set the trend for the healthcare of tomorrow.

  • Emma Burlow

    Founder, Lighthouse Sustainability

    Emma Burlow is one of the UK’s leading specialists on the circular economy and sustainability in b...
  • Paul Broadberry

    Country Manager for Vanguard Medical Devices Ltd

    Paul Broadberry is the Country Manager for Vanguard Medical Devices Ltd. Vanguard is a single use me...
  • Tom Dawson

    Founder of Revolution-ZERO

    Tom Dawson (@drtomdw) is the founder of Revolution-ZERO, a net zero, circular economy focused reusab...
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