Environmental justice has become a major talking point in the waste and recycling industry in recent years. This webinar explores environmental justice from a policy and trends perspective and understands how it is looked at in a nonprofit setting.

  • Megan Quinn

    Senior Reporter, Waste Dive

    Megan has been covering recycling and waste issues since 2015. She is currently a senior reporter at...
  • Brieanne Berry

    Environmental Anthropologist

    Dr. Berry studies systems of production-consumption-disposal to understand how we can build economie...
  • Jose Almanzar

    Chair of the Environmental Justice Committee of NYSBA

    Jose has been practicing environmental law for more than a decade, in addition to several years prio...
  • Matthew Karmel

    Environmental Attorney, Riker Danzig

    Matthew Karmel is passionate about sustainability and the environment. As an environmental attorney ...
  • Michael Haedicke

    Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Maine

    Michael Haedicke is an associate professor of sociology and a faculty fellow at the Senator George J...
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