Taking on the problem of waste management requires more than simply changing the things we buy, developing better recycling programs, or cleaning up beaches. Because the problem is so big, it needs a bigger way of thinking that takes into account the connections between waste, conservation, and society and works together to find local and regional solutions. Poor waste management can hurt biodiversity and human health in direct and indirect ways. Effective waste management helps the environment, but it can also help the communities that take part in waste management projects in many other ways.

So, how can we manage garbage holistically? The Be Waste Wise webinar of the month on “Managing Waste for Conservation & Livelihood” talks about how we can take a more holistic approach to dealing with waste, such as building local programs that are part of regional trash management plans and setting up garbage collection and sorting programs that put people to work and help their local economies.

  • Emma Burlow

    Founder, Lighthouse Sustainability

    Emma Burlow is one of the UK’s leading specialists on the circular economy and sustainability in b...
  • Gerry O’Brien

    Wildlife Advocate

    Gerry works as a woodland ambassador, assisting visitors to the Forest of Dean in engaging with and ...
  • Susan Johanna Slabbert

    Head of Sustainability at Asia Pacific Rayon

    Susan is the Head of Sustainability at Asia Pacific Rayon (APR). Originally from South Africa, Susan...
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