Catherine Conway

Director, Reuse Lead, GoUnpackaged

Catherine’s career has spanned both the private and public sectors, always focusing on the interplay of how business interacts with, and supports, the society in which it operates. Catherine has worked in the field of corporate social responsibility for nearly 20 years. Before the concepts of zero waste and the circular economy had developed, Catherine could see that there was a problem with the amount of plastic packaging being used in our modern lives. A true innovator, Catherine set up the first version of Unpackaged in 2006 as the world’s first modern zero-waste shop. Not only has Unpackaged created a new, desirable, sustainable category in modern retailing but Catherine’s passion for developing systems to enable refilling and reuse within various sectors has enabled many other businesses to create real and lasting change. Catherine’s passion straddles both the corporate world of getting reuse projects up and running in the world as well as collaborating across sectors to shape the policy needed for a reuse economy to thrive.