Dareem Jeffrey

Founder, EcoWash

Dareem Jeffrey is a 27-year-old entrepreneur with a love for nature and freedom. Dareem started exploring the world of business at the age of 17. He owns and manages the EcoWash brand. EcoWash is the Trinidad and Tobago's first water conservation car wash which guarantees a clean car using only 2 liters of water. It is the ONLY legal carwash in Trinidad and Tobago during periods of water restrictions (apart from the bucket and sponge method). Over the past two (2) years, EcoWash have developed a small, compact, easy transportable unit which contains enough water to wash 20 vehicles without needing any water or electrical connection, no infrastructure or drainage and all our solutions are bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Their business model involves empowering youth, especially those from vulnerable areas, to run their own units at strategic locations, such as malls. Their objectives are two-fold: reduce water wastage, especially in the dry season, from washing of cars; and to provide youths with a positive outlet which will make them self-sustainable.